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A beautiful hand crocheted little grey rabbit with your choice of colour for the tie and heart.


Choose from a -


- pink tie and heart

- blue tie and heart

- yellow tie and heart

- mint green tie and heart

- rainbow tie and heart

- grey tie and pink heart

- grey tie and blue heart

- grey tie and yellow heart

- grey tie and mint green heart


Handmade to order within 1-5 days.


100% cotton
Individually packaged
Instructions/advice sheet provided

Welcome to Prim-a-Bella, lovingly handmade umbilical cord ties.

Our umbilical cord ties are beautifully handmade and a unique comfortable alternative to the hard bulky plastic hospital cord clamps that are usually applied to baby after birth.

An extensive range of colours and designs are available as well as bespoke/custom orders.

All cord ties come with full instructions and an advice leaflet.

All Prim-a-Bella cord ties are made from 100% cotton and are at least 15cm long.

Legal Disclaimer – You take FULL responsibility for the use of your cord tie.

Thank you for supporting a small business.

Love Prim-a-Bella Umbilical Cord Ties xx

Grey Rabbit and Heart Crochet Umbilical Cord Tie



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