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Primabella Umbilical Cord Tie Baby

Prim-a-Bella Cord Ties

Our Story

Welcome to Prim-a-Bella, lovingly handmade umbilical cord ties.

Our umbilical cord ties are beautifully handmade and a unique comfortable alternative to the hard bulky plastic hospital cord clamps that are usually applied to baby after birth.

An extensive range of colours and designs are available as well as bespoke/custom orders.

All cord ties come with instructions/advice leaflet.

About me -

I am a qualified staff nurse and Mummy to 4 children, so as you can tell umbilical cord ties are something that I am passionate about and which I hold close to my heart. The cover photo is my 4th baby, Primrose born in April 2020, modelling the first ever cord tie I made and is where it all began.

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