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Are Umbilical Cord Ties Safe?

Many kinds of clamps and ties have been used in institutions to tie the cord and prevent bleeding from the stump. No study has investigated which method is best.

The advantages and disadvantages of simple string ties or tapes have not been evaluated. There are no reservations about their use and they are widely available. The tie should be at least 15 cm in length to allow effective tying, i.e. tight enough to occlude the umbilical vessels in order to prevent bleeding when the jelly shrinks and dries. World Health Organization, Care in Normal Birth: A Practical Guide. Report of a technical working group. Geneva, WHO, 1996 (document WHO/FRH/MSM/96.24).

All Prim-a-Bella cord ties are made from 100% cotton for strength. Cotton can also be boiled to sterile it and it won’t fray or breakdown like wool. Primabella umbilical cord ties are at least 15cm long inline with the WHO guidelines.

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